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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Here is an interesting kinship question for you. My older brother’s ex-wife’s (Pam’s) parents’ names were Fred and Wanda. After Fred’s mother and Wanda’s father passed away, Fred’s father married Wanda’s mother and had a daughter named Elaine. Fred and Wanda married and had two daughters named Pam and Teresa. Elaine is Pam’s double half-aunt, Pam’s parents are step-brother and step-sister, Elaine is both Fred and Wanda’s half-sister, and both of Pam’s living grandparents are also her step-grandparents. Since Pam and Teresa are sisters, does that make them step first cousins as well? Whenever Elaine used to introduce Fred and Wanda, she would say, “This is my brother Fred…he is married to my sister Wanda.” Do I have all of these blood and step family connections correct? What would be the blood and step relations between Teresa’s children and Elaine’s children?

  2. interesting indeed!…i will devote the blog for weekend of 9/20-21 to a detailed analysis…but the quick answer to your questions: it looks like you’ve got it all right, except that pam and teresa would be step 1st cousins in 2 ways, so this could be called double…but whether blood relatives can also be steps at all…i’m still thinking about it!….as for teresa’s children and elaine’s children, double half-1st cousins once removed…that’s by blood…also step?…we shall see! —-stolf

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