#171: …Is Worth a 1000 Words

birdies 2

171.1  One Picture…nez pah? I was cleaning out and organizing my kinship and genealogy files and came across some charts worth sharing. Now the one above, I’m not sure exactly what was the point. It obviously shows various ways in which one or both of say my parents could be related to your parents…but why the “pincers” are colored in black is beyond my recollection… it was labeled “birdies”…

171.2  The rest of the charts illustrate the basics of our kinship system, starting in Chart 607  with what everybody knows from earliest childhood. And it’s worth dwelling for a moment on the seemingly obvious fact that everyone you’re related to in one way, your father is related to in another way, your grandfather in still another way, and on up. Among past generations, an individual’s relationship to you is based on their relationsghip to one of your direct ancestors…for example, your 1st cousin once removed is your father’s 1st cousin…your great grand uncle is your grandfather’s uncle, and so fortth.

chart 607

171.3  Thus Chart 608 is the key…it shows how we expand the terminology beyond the easy stuff…and really, it’s all you need to know to “get it.”

chart 608

171.4  Chart 609  takes it one step further, back and across your family tree, and it all works the same from there on out. Everything is based on this foundation. So for this blog, I’m not going to say much, just let the pictures do the talking. Check back next week for some interesting letters and even more interesting answers…

chart 609

171.5 P.S. Well, when I used the word “everything,” that was a slight exaggeration…there is one other important component of our kinship system, and that’s the concept of “halfs”…where 2 individuals share one parent but not both. In everyday life, many people will simplify that…my half-brother is my brother, that sort of thing. But in genealogy, it’s crucial…assuming half-brothers are full brothers leaves out one full line of descent, which in fact may tie in with other lines further back and produce additional relationships.

 wicked ballsy

pickles Bob Crane’s strip about retired couple Earl and Opal Pickles consistently delivers a very sweet and gentle brand of humor. Hate to have to quibble, but were those really “different times”? In many families, what grandparents are called…not to mention what the 2 main bodily functions of elimination are called…get passed down from one or the other side of the family, sometimes both.  In fact, every family has its own personal lingo for all kinds of things, much of which can persist thru generations…which is exceptionally cool, IMHO…


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