#135: Booney Toons Pt. 2

135.1  Where we left off last week…we were considering one Randy Boone, teen heartthrob randyof the 1960s, who played the guitar-strumming Randy Benton on “The Virginian”…then the eager young newspaper reporter Francis Wilde on “Cimarron Strip.” And sure, it’s always fun to bash Uncle Wiki, but gol’darn it, they deserve it…main trouble is, the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing.

135.2  Now in this particular case, after stating that Pat Boone claims descent from Daniel Boone (this is on the Pat Boone page), they go on to blithely point out that he is a “cousin” to both Richard “Paladin” Boone and Randy Boone. Go to the Randy Boone page looking for confirmation, and all you find is that Randy is a “cousin” of Debby Boone, whom at this point I can 100% guarantee is Pat’s daughter…I think. Check the web in general, and it’s a split decision: Pat is either Randy’s uncle or his cousin. And for the record, the Richard Boone Wiki page says he is not related to Pat, Randy, or Debby…altho they grant that such is “rumored throughout the industry.”  Hmmmph.

135.3  OK…we saw last week that Pat is very likely not related to Daniel or to Richard…but before going any further, you might be wondering if you can be a cousin both to a man and his daughter…and the answer is a resounding YES! Thank you, sexual reproduction…2 sides to every family, a mother’s and a father’s…thus…


135.4   I must stress that Chart 469 is flat out NOT the case…just an example of how it could be done. Here Debby and Randy are 1st cousins since their mothers X and Y are sisters. Likewise, Pat and Randy are 1st cousins since their fathers A and B are brothers. All that was needed was for Pat’s Uncle B to marry Pat’s sister-in-law Y…or if it happened the other way around, for Uncle B‘s sister-in-law X to marry his nephew Pat. Done and done…and note that besides being 1st cousins, Debby and Randy would also be 1st cousins once removed, owing to Randy and Pat being 1st cousins.

135.5  And of course this is all perfectly above board…after all, if someone from family P marries somebody from family Q, does that mean there can be no further P/Q matches for the rest of eternity? Kind of like first come, first served? Absurd…of course not. But with today’s hypersensitive “incest” mentality, aye chihuahua…the poster-child being Kyra Sedgwick, who had a conniption when she discovered her husband Kevin Bacon was her 10th cousin once removed….when the genetic relationship between 4th cousins is negligible…for all practical purposes, nonexistent.

135.6  And I chalk this hypersensitivity up to nothing less than sheer ignorance, pure and simple. Just one example: an article about the Sedgwick/Bacon outrage duly noted that 1st cousin marriages were not that unusual just a few generations ago…which is true…and that even in the US today it’s legal in a “handful” of states. Well, more than a handful, I’d say…I count 23, which is almost half…5 states with restrictions, 18 more free and clear.

135.7  Getting back to Pat, Debby, and Randy…last week I mentioned a 2008 newspaper article with Pat’s sister-in-law Trish (here), his younger brother Nick’s wife. One thing she talks about is how she and Nick are the only ones to perpetuate the Boone name in their line at least…and she explains it, as per my Chart 470. I have verified all this with census records…no offense, but that’s what you have to do.


135.8  Pat and Nick have 2 sisters but no other brothers…so for Randy to be a Boone 1st cousin to Debby, he’d have to be one of Nick’s sons. Trouble is, Randy was born just 7 years after Nick, so that’s out. Could he be Debby’s 2nd cousin, the son of Pat and Nick’s 1st cousin? Nope, their dad Archie Altman Boone was an only child. OK, 3rd cousin, son of Pat and Nick’s 2nd cousin, descended from one of their great grandfather E.E.’s siblings? Again, no dice…E.E.’s 2 brothers each had a single daughter…and his sister had just one boy, who wouldn’t been a Boone. (Odd coincidence…E. E. and his older sister “Bertie” both died in 1962…she on March 27, he 2 days later.)

135.9  Yeah, it’s easy to say, oh sure they’re cousins. But when you look at the facts…doesn’t fit. Maybe 4th, 5th, 6th cousins, but you do the work! What I did do then was sketch out Richard Boone, back to Daniel Boone’s brother George, and compare that with as far as census records could take me with Randy’s family…Chart 471. I’d say that in general finding Richard’s people was easier because he’s more famous…and it’s always fun to find 1st cousins who marry each other, in this case 2G grandparents Nestor and Matilda…just to freak out the folks I referenced in 135.5-6.


135.10   Still, I thought I was stuck on Randy’s grandfather W.C. Boone…to go back from him, what did the initials stand for? Wilson was an obvious guess but lead nowhere.Thankfully, an obituary of Randy’s grandmother Addie provided the answer: Walter Clyde…but alas, the trail went cold after his father, Willard W. But turns out it hardly matters…Willard and W.C. were from Georgia, while Addie, her 7 children, and Randy, along with his mysterious brother “Dickie” were all born and bred in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

135.11  Richard Boone…as he tells it in a 1959 newspaper interview…is a 4th generation Californian, going back to his great grandfather Peter Tribble Boone. His grandfather…after whom he was named, altho the grandfather was known by his middle name, Bower Boone…was a wealthy importer in San Francisco, with a passion for gambling, and a habit of wearing a fancy silk shirt once, then disposing of it. So between California, North Carolina, and Georgia, and without knowing anything else, Richard and Randy could at best be something around 5th or 6th cousins…again, if you must  know, please knock yourself out.

135.12  And just to show you how nutsy the internet can get, not that anyone would need more evidence…one lone website, crying out in the wilderness, claims that Randy Boone’s mother Rhumel Boone (maiden name undetermined by me) is actually Richard Boone’s sister and the daughter of Kirk Boone. According to them, she married a man named Clyde Wilson Randall Sr., altho at the same time her son is still Randy Boone, not Randy Randall. Hilarious, except if that’s the only site you consult, then you’ve got it completely wrong, right?

135.13  One cool thing I did come across was the suggestion that country singer Loretta Lynn, born Loretta Webb, and Richard Boone were related…turns out they are, Chart 472can you call it? If you said 7th cousins once removed, gold star for you. Also put forth was the proposition that Loretta Lynn and singer Patty Loveless are related, thru Loretta’s mother’s family, Ramey, which is Patty’s maiden name. I got a ways with that but nothing conclusive to report…a project for another rainy day.


135.14  Finally, Loretta Lynn’s relation to Ole Dan’l? Looking at Chart 472, Daniel Boone was the son of Squire and thus the brother of George V, making him 1st cousin to Loretta’s 5G grandfather George Webb, so that’s 1st cousin 7 times removed. Real questions and definitive answers from the Geek world next week…ciao 4 now…

wicked ballsy


But before we go, a little something from the Everything You Know Is Wrong file. Daniel Boone did not wear a coonskin cap…in fact, he didn’t like them. Like most frontiersmen…or long hunters as they were called, not because of their long rifles but because they’d be gone exploring and shooting for weeks and months at a time…he wore a wide-brimmed felt or beaver-skin hat. It made more sense, fending off sun and rain, you see. The screen capture above, bottom right, shows the style, taken from a “Daniel Boone” episode from the 6th and final season. But on the left, you see a Little Golden Book from 1956 that did get it more or less right.


Coonskin caps, something the White Man picked up from the Indians, were more for warmth during colder weather…typically they included the raccoon’s face on the front. In fact, the cap itself was nothing more than a hollowed out raccoon carcass…the tail on the back wasn’t tacked on for decoration but was an integral part of it, as could be the hind legs, as seen above, protecting the back of the neck. Some critter caps even left the front legs dangling down too. And now you know…


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