#134: Whoose Boone Are Yoo?

134.1  Dear Stolf: Didn’t Pat Boone once say he was descended from Daniel Boone? And is he? …from Speedy Gonzales…in Mocha, Yemen

134.2  Dear Speedy: I’m pretty sure that yes he did and no he isn’t. BTW, for those of you who think the world is all cheat, scam, and bluff…Mocha really is a town in Yemen. It’s said that in olden times the coffee beans grown there had a unique taste that could be approximated by adding chocolate to coffee, once chocolate was discovered in the New World, yielding what I guess you’d call mock Mocha. Thus our current day “mocha”…bearing in mind, alas, that coffee beans from that area no longer have such a…how do they put it?…note.

pat and dan

134.3  As to Charles Eugene “Pat” Boone, I feel no great need to verify that he actually made such a claim, since it’s an interesting possibility regardless. Uncle Wiki says he did, in a 2007 interview on “The 700 Club,” when he called himself a 4G grandson to Boone, the doer, the dream-come-a-truer. However, I can definitely confirm that a year later, the family genealogist, his sister-in-law Trish, wife of younger brother Cecil Altman “Nick” Boone, said in an article in the North Carolina High Country Press that she could find no such link, try as she might.

134.4  And there is even a purported pedigree, whether proffered by Pat himself or his apologists I could not determine…altho I have determined to my satisfaction that it is wrong. But before delving into specifics, I should mention that there are a ton of North American Boones, going back to the earliest days of European settlement. There is also a fairly extensive Boone DNA project, and the websites I’ve sampled suggest dozens of non-interrelated lines…well, not related here…wouldn’t surpise me to learn they are connected in the Old Country…10th cousins, 12th cousins, in that ballpark.
chart 467.png

134.5  At any rate, on the left side of Chart 467 we see the alleged track back to Daniel Boone…Archie Altman Boone is indeed Pat and Nick’s pop (Nick had a brief recording career in the late 1950s as Nick Todd)…and the orange line shows the erroneous connection between him and his “father.” Lo and behold, our old bugaboo…different people with the same name…rears its ugly head…which Ernest Eugene Boone is the true grandfather? Census data confirms the track on the right side…and for various reasons, the closest we can then get to Daniel is likely his cousin John…even so, the link hasn’t been firmly established. And you can sense the problem when you notice a run of 3 ancestors…James, Bryant, and John…for whom the reported years of birth vary by 5, 10, and 10 years respectively. In fact, this is exactly where Trish Boone got stuck.

134.6  Thus it is nearly certain that Pat Boone is not descended from Daniel…at best he could be related…here it is 1st cousin 6 times removed… but for now there is simply no solid proof. The reason I’m hedging my bets is there are several other Ernest Eugene Boones floating around…of those, the one that best fits the time-line as Pat’s possible grandfather was born in Iowa around 1879 and in 1940 was living in Minnesota with his wife Evelyn and children Mary Olive, Eugene Jr. and Wiley. Compare that to the E.E. who married Edna Jones (left side of Chart 467) who was born in Idaho…and the E.E. on the right side, who was born in Tennessee but raised in Florida…Pat was born in Jacksonville and raised in Nashville. Trouble is, this E.E. is usually connected to one Blanche Clanton…sometimes she’s his wife, sometimes she’s his mother!

134.7  All of which leads to this question: Why are there this many geographically dispersed Ernest Eugene Boones, if the connection isn’t one of kinship? Simply coincidence? Possibly…and of interest is the fact that several extensive genealogies of the descendants of Daniel’s grandfather George Boone III do not record any Ernests or Eugenes born before 1800…the point being, widely dispersed and/or very distantly related people with the same name could be honoring a common ancestor way, way back…but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

134.8  But to pick on Uncle Wiki some more…they report Pat’s apparent claim that he thinks he’s directly related to Daniel WITHOUT looking into the validity of it…then in the very next sentence say Pat is a “cousin” of Richard Boone, of “Medic,” Paladin, and Hec Ramsey fame. A quick cross-check on their Richard Boone page says that his father Kirk is a descendant of Daniel Boone’s younger brother Squire. Well, putting 2 and 2 together, that would make Pat a relative, tho not a descendant, of Daniel.


134.9   Trouble is, the source they cite says only that Richard’s “father was a descendant of a brother of Daniel Boone”…doesn’t say which brother…he had from 4 to 9 brothers, depending on who you believe. And of course if your father is the descendant of someone, you are too!  (The opposite isn’t true…if you are a descendant of someone, your father might not be…not if it’s on your mother’s side, right?) I would have said he was a descendant of a brother of Daniel Boone on his father’s side…which is the same thing…their way just struck me as funny, is all.

134.10   Needless to say, Uncle Wiki guessed the brother and guessed wrong, as per Chart 468. One interesting sidelight, Richard’s 4G grandfather George Boone V wasn’t a son as Georges II, II, and IV were, but a nephew. But Richard Boone certainly is related to Daniel as a 4G grand nephew…thus he’s not related as any sort of cousin to Pat, at least not thru the Boones…could be thru somebody’s female line, but that wasn’t Uncle Wiki’s implication.

chart 468.png

134.11  You’ll notice several individuals marked in blue…all ballplayers, including one of only 4 father, son, grandson combos in the Bigs…the others being the Bells, the Colemans, and the Hairstons. And finally….yes!!!!…direct descendants of Daniel Boone, bony-fidy…and Ray is a 4th cousin twice removed to Ike and Dan…and 6th cousin to Richard. And that’s a good day’s work of researching, if I do say so myself.

Wicked Ballsy


Cripes! I promised myself I wasn’t gonna deal with this…but willpower weak, temptation strong, as they say. See, Uncle Wiki, in the same breath as Richard Boone, says that Pat Boone is also a “cousin” to Randy Boone, the young singing cowpoke on “The Virginian” for several years…later on “Cimarron Strip.” It goes without saying I have zero confidence that they’re right…but tellya what, we’ll look into it next week..

…and no, there wasn’t a Boone on the old “Rin Tin Tin” show…well, there was a cpl boonecharacter named Cpl. Randy Boone, third in command after Lt. Rip Masters and Sgt. Biff O’Hara…but he was played by Randy Brooks (right)…who you might recall was in “Gone With the Wind” as Scarlett’s first husband Charles Hamilton, Melanie Wilkes’ brother. He always claimed he gave Marilyn Monroe her first on-screen kiss in the 1948 movie “Ladies of the Chorus”…


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