#100: Centennial Edition: Pop Quiz

100.1  Take the Pop Quiz or don’t take it…it’s all the same to me. You could even think of it as a Mom Quiz. And you might find next week’s answers interesting and enlightening…without actually bothering to work out the solutions yourself. I’m fine with that either way.

quiz warmup

100.2  The above is a warm-up, to flex the old gray cells, if any. 4 individuals are denoted by ???…you must supply their relationship to the person designated YOU. Spelled out, the questions are: What is your father’s uncle to you?…What is your father’s 1st cousin to you?…What is your father’s 1st cousin’s son to you?…And what is your father’s 1st cousin’s son to your father?

100.3  …and to answer those 4 questions correctly is to understand our entire kinship system, beyond the father/son, brother/sister, uncle/nephew, grandpa/grandchild basics. Yeah, that’s some “warm-up”…

100.4  Then we have the next 5 kinship diagrams…I need to know how X and Y are related to each other…both in words…like: they are 2nd cousins once removed…and in terms of a fractional Coefficient of Relationship, bearing in mind that parent and child are related by ½…1st cousins are related by 1/8…etc.

quiz 1 quiz 2 quiz 3

100.5  You’ll probably notice that there is a common theme running thru these 5 diagrams…and you’re right, it’s what I call “tag-team” half-siblings. I designed it this way to either simply it…or make it more confusing…take your pick…  😉 😉

100.6  Answers next week…so you have 168 hours…no, you don’t need more time…BEGIN! 

Wicked Ballsysorry

Somebody posted that Kermit thing on my Facebook, and try as I might, I couldn’t stop myself from diagramming it out…Bonus Points if you can name the muppet in the lower right, about to hurl a halibut…


Copyright © 2012 Mark John Astolfi, All Rights Reserved


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