#94: As the Quarter-What-Again? Turns…

Dear Stolf: I’m sort of an off-and-on fan of the soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” Several years ago I tried to do a family tree but gave up. But I did print out something about “quarter” cousins and siblings…can you make any sense of it?  …from Laura, in Luketown 

94.1  Dear Laura: Ah, yes…somebody who never throws anything out…welcome to the club! The trouble with soap genealogies, apart from their bewildering complexity, is that they can change at the whim of the writers. Stuff like: A, who everybody (both viewers and characters on the show) thought was the child of B and C, turns out to be the child of B and D…or X and Y…or who knows who. I can’t find what you printed out to double check it…it’s long gone off the net it seems…but I did find 2 extensive charts at the Brady Family entry at Uncle Wiki…they needed 2 because it was so intertwined.

94.2  What I have done in Chart 334 is pull out the relevant parties, move them around to where they make sense, and change a couple of last names to maiden names. We’ll examine the claims you found based on this information…altho as we shall see, it is apparently not the whole story…big surprise!

94.3  Now the generation in question I have marked with solid blue squares…and their relationships depend on 3 members of the preceding generation, in solid red squares. The reds are pretty straightforward: Roman and Bo are half-brothers, as Caroline is their mother, and they have different fathers. Roman and John Black are 1st cousins, as their parents Colleen and Shawn are siblings. Bo and John Black are not related at all.

94.4  As to the blue generation, the first thing to notice is that left to right among their parents there is a massive half-sibling “tag team” deal going on…from Anna to Roman to Marlena to John Black to Isabella. Thus among the 4 blues…Carrie, Eric/Sami (full sibs), Belle, and Brady…each is a half-sibling to the ones directly to the left or right…and a quarter-sibling skipping one…thus Carrie and Belle are quarters, Eric/Sami and Brady are quarters. And all that checks with the second line of your info.

94.5  Normally, quarter-siblings aren’t related to each other…both are simply related, as half-saiblings, to someone else. But as can happen, these 2 sets of quarter-siblings are also 2nd cousins, since their fathers Roman and John Black are 1st cousins. Likewise, the 2 on the ends, Carrie and Brady, are also 2nd cousins for the same reason, but not fractional siblings of any kind since they’re too widely separated. Belle and Eric/Sami are also 2nd cousins, besides being half-siblings.

94.6   As to the first line of your info, it’s completely wrong, all of it. Belle and Brady are half-siblings, not quarter-cousins. As for Shawn-D, he is a half-1st cousin to Carrie and Eric/Sami, since their fathers are half-brothers…but he is of no relation to Brady (not half-cousin) and no relation to Belle (not quarter-cousin.) In fact, on the show Shawn-D and Belle had a child! That would be kosher for quarter-sibs who are by definition not related, certainly not for quarter-cousins…who are presumed to be related somehow.

94.7  This is all based of course on the Uncle Wiki trees…but there are 2 further complications, one small and one big, not shown on their charts. The small complication is the fact that Bo was raised as Shawn’s son, and thus as Roman’s full brother, altho unbeknownst to all he had the same mother but a different father…so Bo and Roman were not full brothers but half-brothers. But assuming Bo and Roman were full brothers, as everyone thought, that would make Bo and John Black 1st cousins, and their children Shawn-D and Brady 2nd cousins…which, if you’re using terminology that includes quarter-cousins, could mean they were “half-cousins.” Perhaps that’s what your info is saying. But that still doesn’t help with Belle…she is now 2nd cousin or “half-cousin” to Shawn-D (but still not quarter-cousin) and still half-sibling to Brady (not quarter-cousin.) So there’s that.

94.8  The big complication is another website I found here…dating back over 10 years, mind you…which  includes a very extensive DOOL genealogy, in text form as opposed to chart. And they say that Isabella Toscano, Brady’s mother, is in fact the daughter of Victor Kiriakis…who is Bo’s father…altho not thru Bo’s mother Caroline! And that gives us a whole new set of claims to evaluate, below in Chart 334A…

94.9  And sure enough, Shawn-D and Brady now are half-cousins (well, half-1st cousins) since their parents Isabella and Bo are half-siblings…so your original information is now correct. As to Belle is a quarter cousin…I still don’t see it…unless they mean “Your half-cousin’s half-sibling is your quarter-cousin”…and Belle and Brady are half-siblings. But notice also that Belle and Shawn-D are still not blood relatives in any way…now “quarter-cousin” is being used in the same sense as “quarter-sibling”…implying there’s a connection, but not by blood, but only by serial marriages. I’m not saying it’s right, but such an interpretation at least makes some sense….because from Shawn-D’s point of view, Belle is on the “other side” of his half-cousin Brady’s family.

94.10  What else do we have…Bo is John’s half-brother-in-law. That’s correct as far as it goes…hard to imagine someone in real life saying “Well, he’s only my half-brother-in-law”  but it’s possible. Bo is Brady’s half-uncle.  OK, that’s fine…since Bo is Brady’s mother’s half-brother. …and Belle’s quarter-uncle Yikes…and what’s next, quarter-father?  I suppose that’s logical in the sense that your quarter-cousin’s father would be your quarter-uncle…I suppose…but please don’t quote me. John is Shawn-D’s half-uncle also. Well, no…here we must put our foot down…John Black is married to Shawn-D’s half-aunt, his father’s half-sister. And the fact that John Black is also Belle’s father probably plays into this line of thinking somehow, but my head is starting to hurt, you know?

94.11  And that final line about Belle’s half- and quarter-sisterhood is correct, quarter-uncles notwithstanding. Anyway, interesting real-world….sorry, fake-world entanglements, nez pah?

Hey Stolf: Back in
91.3…love that indexing!…you were talking about the diagram for double half-1st cousins…and how without lines of descent crossing each other, you couldn’t put individuals of the same generation on the same horizontal line…because then you’d have to go, as you put it, “up and over.” I tried drawing it that way and don’t see what’s so wrong with it.  …from Pythagoria, in Octagon City

94.12  Hey back atcha, Pythy…is that what they call you? Yeah, that’s a pretty clever little diagram, I have to admit. To get everybody else caught up, in Chart 355,  A represents double half-1st cousins with no lines of descent crossing over…B shows everyone of the same generation on the same horizontal line, with the descent from mother A to daughter Z crossing other lines.

94.13  Now what I was thinking of when I wrote “up and over” is what’s shown in C…without those green arrows, it looks like A and Z are siblings, descended from someone above them…since these lines are presumed to proceed top to bottom, ancestor to descendent. In other words, “up and over” would make you think the relationships were what’s shown in D, which they aren’t. Personally, I’m gonna stick with crossed lines, if it’s all the same to you…a few don’t hurt, altho it could start to look like string-art, couldn’t it? But since I went to the bother of drawing it, here’s a pop quiz…in D, how has the relationship between X and Y changed? Next week, a real change of pace…or is that trot?…as we horse around some. À bientôt. 


Copyright © 2012 Mark John Astolfi, All Rights Reserved


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