#84: Things and Stuff…and Stuff…

84.1 Things and stuff…and stuff and things…and stuff…” That’s from one of the funkiest tunes Ike and Tina Turner ever recorded…listen to it here. So here’s latest posting at the wiseGEEK Cousin page…didn’t really need a chart…it was more in the nature of a Dear Flabby letter, which I was pleased to answer as best I could…

84.2  And as with so many of Dear Flabby’s real letters, there isn’t much to say except: You CAN’T change other people or how think act or think…you can only change yourself. See, Poster 71 doesn’t want to go out with her “cousin in marriage.” Or marry him either, I would guess. Well, since he isn’t that yet, she could marry him first, as I suggested. Trouble is, the gist of her letter suggests that doing so wouldn’t stop her uncle and his mother from getting hitched, in which case now she’d now be married to her “cousin in marriage.” But she can’t trim the wind, she can only trim her sail…so I suggested a way she could think about the relationship that would help her realize she isn’t related to this guy, and nothing can change that…it’s all in how she approaches it…and that she CAN change.

84.3  Next…back in #50: We Got Mail! I touched upon the subject of namesakes, specifically the Joseph P. Kennedys, and I reprise Chart 175 here. Notice there are 4…the original, the Jr., a II, and a III. I noticed recently in our local paper a sad item in the obits…the death of an infant, which is of course a terrible thing, and nothing to trivialize. But what interested me was the fact that this was “John Q. Public VI“…I’ll respect their privacy and not use real names.

84.4  There are no hard and fast rules for using such numbers…each family is free to follow its own custom or inclination. And where the broadest range of different practices occurs is in dealing with the living versus the dead. Here, I wondered if all 6 John Q. Publics were still alive…turns out they are not…only the father V, the grandfather IV, and the great grandfather III. Still, this was an interesting example of how it can be done…and is.

84.5  Finally, in last week’s examination of F.M. Lancaster’s take on 2nd cousins, we had this…he in italics, my comment in red

I did a little web-surfing, and sure enough, 1½ cousins are few and far between…but I did find one reference, on a very long and somewhat disorganized family genealogy page…here I’ve summarized the relevant bits of information…

84.6  What we have is twin sisters marrying 1st cousins…the green circles in Chart 292 are folks of unkonwn gender. If identical twins, their offspring would be the equivalent of Enhanced Half-Siblings…if fraternal, they’re 1st cousins on the mothers’ side, 2nd cousins on the fathers’ side. In in either case, we’re taking about the relationship between ME’s parent and the 10 children of Peter and Minnie Hiebert.

84.7  Now whichever is actually the case, something is compelling ME to consider those 10 children, in relation to himself, not to his mother, his 1½ cousins…well, at the very least…“plus other ties.” Is this indeed a case of 1C1R being given that unusual fractional cousin name? Does there being twins involved have anything to do with it, to his way of thinking? Can’t be sure…further digging might help…someday…just not today. Back next week…take care…


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