#45: Tree of David

45.1  Today, genealogy of biblical proportions…Chart 103 shows some of descendants of King David…yes, the same David who slew Goliath with a rock as a mere yout’. The chart is mine, but the information is not…I checked most of it and it appears accurate. The Bible, especially the Old Testament, is full of family histories and genealogies, lots of begetting and begottens…so I figured we’d try flexing our muscles with this one…

45.2  Generation 1…That’s Jesse at the top, in the (A) position. He was a farmer and a prominent citizen of Bethlehem…the father of the most famous of the biblical Kings…and the 42G Grandfather of Jesus, thru David’s son Nathan (K). Funny how some Biblical names have survived to the present day, like Jesse, David, Nathan…and others not, like Jerimoth, Eliab, and Abijah…The Original Rehoboam’s Famous Frankfurters?…Nope, doesn’t work…

45.3  Generation 2…David (E) and his older brother Eliab (B). David was a “hands on” King, begetting and begotting with 3 women…Jerimoth (H)’s mother is apparently not named, I label her ( C) for clarity’s sake.

45.4  Generation 3… Introduces a gaggle of half-brothers…in double-checking the names, I found there were other siblings too, but these are the ones relevant to the lines we’re following. Solomon (J) and Nathan (K) are of course full brothers, sons of Bathsheba (F)…and they are half-brothers to Jerimoth (H) and Absalom (I), who in turn are half-brothers to each other. Then there is Abihail (G), David’s niece…she is 1st cousin to all the half-brothers…whether they’re half or full brothers to each other doesn’t matter…1st cousins depend on just one parent, and that’s David = Eliab’s brother = Abihail’s uncle =  father of the half-brothers. So far so good…it’s been pretty straightforward…nobody marrying relatives…but wait for it…

45.5  Generation 4… And we welcome into the world a bouncing baby girl named Mahalath (L)…whose parents just happen to be 1st cousins…and here I’ll start using the letters instead of names so you can reference the chart.  L’s parents G and H being 1st cousins impacts her genealogically in 2 ways: first, if she had anything siblings, they’d be her 2nd cousins as well as being siblings.

45.6  And second, L has what’s called in genealogy a “double great grandfather,” altho in real life that term is virtually never heard. But it’s important in figuring family trees, because it alerts you to the fact that L has only 3 great grandfathers, not the usual 4. In this case Jesse (A) is L’s great grandfather in 2 ways…being her father H’s grandfather and also her mother G’s grandfather. And then of course you would say L is A’s double granddaughter…does that mean 2 presents for birthdays? I almost said Christmas too, but that was centuries away… 😉 😉 

45.7  The other way to look at it is to notice that L’s 2 grandfathers, B and E, are brothers. And that’s perhaps the strangest result of 1st cousins having kids. Just think of your own 2 grandfathers, and now imagine that they are brothers…unusual to say the least. And thus each of L’s grandfathers is also her grand uncle…as each is the brother of her grandfather. Remember, multiple relationships aren’t cancelled out…from a genetic standpoint, they are just as relevant as if they were normal “single” relationships. That’s what interbreeding is all about.

45.8  On the other side of Chart 103a, M and N are half-first cousins to each other, and also to L on her father H’s side…since H, I , and J are all half-brothers. But L is also 2nd cousin to M and N thru her mother G, who is 1st cousin to M and N’s fathers. Thus L and M (and the same for N) are what are informally called “double cousins”…which is to say, cousins on both sides…but technically called “irregular double cousins” since it’s not the same relationship on both sides: 2nd cousins thru L’s mother, and half-1st cousins thru L’s father. That’s a Coefficient of Relationship of 1/16 + 1/32 = 3/32, just slightly less than 1st cousins, which would be 4/32 or 1/8.

45.9  Generation 5…And now we come to O and P…and you know what? I’m going to continue this next week. Why don’t you work on it…what are the multiple relationships between O and P? And here’s a hint: Enhanced Half Siblings…but enhanced how exactly? See yez then…


Copyright © 2011 Mark John Astolfi, All Rights Reserved



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