#40: That Famous Relativity

40.1 Today well eschew the “rough stuff” and concentrate on Celebrity Fluff…I thought this would be a breeze, but wrong-o! Lots of work for my $0 an hour job…but like I always say, why let a little thing like a salary get in the way 😉 😉

Anyway, today, mucho  pix, not that much to say…but then not nuthin’ neither…

40.2  Pickens brothers…What actually got me started on this was discovering that rodeo performer turned actor Slim Pickens had a brother who went by the stage name of Easy Pickens. According to the Internet Movie Data Base (imdb) they appeared together in the 1970 movie The Ballad of Cable Hogue…Easy’s character was named “Easy” and that’s it for him. Plus no pictures…he stumps the net, so above are all Louis Burton “Bert” Lindley, 2 years older than Samuel T. Lindley.

40.3  Baddeley sisters…Ruby Hermione Youlanda Clinton-Baddeley, best remembered by Yanks as Mrs. Naugatuck on Maude…and her 2-year-older sister Madeline Angela Clinton-Baddeley as Mrs. Hudson from Upstairs, Downstairs. Both got their starts on the stage as children and as teenagers were 2 of the most accomplished and admired young thespians in the UK…among their fans, H. G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw…no kidding!

40.4  Brando siblings…Jocelyn Brando is 5 years older than Marlon, and they appeared together in just 2 movies…The Ugly American in 1963 and The Chase in 1966.

40.5  More mixed sibs…And coincidentally, in both cases the sister is older than the brother. Mabel Albertson…one of those character actresses you see everywhere but don’t  recall the name…probably her best-known role was Howard Sprague’s mother on The Andy Griffith Show…6 years older than brother Jack. And while it was pretty well known back in the day, I suspect many people have forgotten that Henry Warren Beaty and Shirley MacLean Beaty were sibs, she 3 years the senior. I never saw much resemblance, did you? Oddly enough, except for documentaries and awards shows where they appeared as themselves, they’ve never acted together.

40.6  Mantle brothers…The Mick’s younger twin brothers Ray and Roy were both big baseball prospects out of Oklahoma, just like big brother. Both were outfielders, and they played together in the Yankees farm system in 1954 and 1955…Ray appeared in 97 games batting .231. and that was it for him. Roy lasted one more season, making it as high as Class B ball, finishing his 3-year career with a .273 career mark. Baby brother Larry “Butch” Mantle was also slated to follow in the “family” business, as was cousin Max Mantle, but I can find no trace of them in the minors…altho I don’t believe stats are completely complete for that, so watch this space.

Strange twist…in the 1988 movie Dead Ringers, Jeremy Irons played psychotic twin brother gynecologists named Elliot and Beverly Mantle…the movie was actually based on real people, named something else.  And of course, Beverly comes from a surname, and at one time was appropriate for males…see here for more…  (second question down…)

40.7  Jagger frères…Not sure why Mick has that deal plastered on his mug…but we all know what he looks like, so no sweat. Younger brother Chris had 2 LPs that I would always see in the record store bins, but I never bit. Something to look forward to, I guess. He gravitated to fashion design, acting, and journalism…then back to music.

40.8   Big Fat Greek brothers…Well, back in the day, I was really into TV, so I knew that Det. Stavros on Kojak  was played by Aristotelis “Telly” Savalas’ younger brother George Demosthenes Savalas.  He was always billed as “Demosthenes” or “George Demosthenes”…and it’s “common knowledge” that this was so as to not “confuse” one brother for the other, which makes little sense to me, but a quick surf of the net yields no better explanation. George was in a few other things, but was mostly a stage actor and a recording artist…in Greek!

40.9  Monster Movie brothers…They were born James and Peter Aurness…yes, with a “u”…3 years apart…and began their acting careers in the 1950s in sci-fi flicks, among many others… James Arness in The Thing from Another World, Two Lost Worlds, and Them!…and  Peter Graves in It Conquered the World, Killers from Space, and Beginning of the End, with the giant grasshoppers. But they stuck it out…Gunsmoke  coming for one, Fury then Whiplash for the other. Ever worked together? Imdb has them together in one episode of Gunsmoke in 1966, but cast details else where on the site don’t confirm it, so who knows?

40.10 Father and not Father…With tens of thousands of factoids crammed into one’s cranium, there are bound to be a few clunkers. I always thought Jay Novello (top) was the father on Don “Fr. Guido Sarducci” Novello (bottom). Nope, not related. In fact, Jay was born in Chicago in 1904 as Michael Romano. He had only one child, Yvonne Ann Romano, married name Harscher.

Meanwhile, Donald Andrew Novello, born in Ashtabula Ohio, is the son of Dr. Augustine Novello and nurse Eleanor Finnerty. He has a sister Eileen and a brother Joseph, also a doctor. Joe is married to the former Antonia Coello, Surgeon General for 3 years under the first George Bush. [edited 8/5/2017]

40.11  In-Laws…You can also stop wondering if Diana and Maria Muldaur are related…they’re sisters-in-law, or were…Maria D’Amato marrying Diana’s younger brother Geoff Muldaur when they were singing together in the Jim Kweskin Jug Band in the early 1960s.

40.12  C-C-C-Connerys…Thomas Sean’s younger brother Neil had a career as an actor, nowhere nearly as distinguished of course…but his debut was a doozie…OK Connery in the UK, retitled Operation Kid Brother in the US…a typical 1967 spy spoof…when Britain’s #1 secret agent is otherwise occupied, his younger brother is pressed into service…and just in case you missed the point, Neil Connery’s character is called “Dr. Neil Connery,” an expert in hypnotism and martial arts. Needless to say, when Sean Connery decided to quit the series, Neil volunteered, but no soap…George Lazenby seemed the more logical choice, which should tell you something.

But the real twist is the actors OK Connery poached from the actual Bond series, including Bernard “M” Lee, Lois “Moneypenny” Maxwell, Adolfo Celi, who was the villain Largo in Thunderball, and Daniela Bianchi from From Russia With Love…altho they all played different characters than they did in the Bond films. In fact, Lee and Maxwell claimed they were paid more for this than any of the real 007 movies…sounds so crazy, it just might be true, nez pah?


Wicked Ballsy

Flipping thru a TV Guide from 1974, this listing caught my eye, and the truth really did turn out to be stranger than fiction…pretty much summed up by UPI as it happened back in 1963.

Weingand was of course no relation to Peter Lorre…he was born in Germany (Lorre was from Hungary) and came to the US in 1954 at age 20. The court ruling was pretty much moot when the Lorre died about 5 months later. “Junior” acted in a smattering of movies and TV shows, and was last heard of as a horror movie host at a TV station in Austin, Texas. He died in Houston of a heart attack in 1986, at age 51.


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