#30: Ends and Odds

30.1  Bunch of odd ends this week. Back in #16.2, discussing the British Royals, I mentioned that many of the European royal houses were insanely interwoven, the ultimate King of Interbeeding being Charles II of Spain, who died in 1700. In fact, altho his parents weren’t siblings, it’s said that his genetic make-up was even more homozygous (same genes passed from both sides) than if they had been bro & sis. I found this chart, which I haven’t labeled since it isn’t my own work, and I intend  at some point to tease out just how this all ties together.


30.2  One thing is immediately apparent if you study this tree…while there are no instances of a brother marrying his sister, there is the next best thing: a brother marrying his sister’s daughter, his niece. I’ve marked the tell-tale “L” shapes below…

charles too

30.3  …and as you can see, not only did Charles II’s father marry his niece, but both of his father’s parents were the offspring of uncle-niece pairings! There’s a whole lot more going on, and if you can sort it all out, you graduate with flying colors, because the experts say this is about as tangled up as it gets…short of the ancient Egyptian Ptolemy dynasty, where siblings really did tie the knot…and Cleopatra was one of them, BTW.

30.4  But one thing Charles II’s pedigree doesn’t have, at least not the part of it shown here, is half-relations, that is, individuals having children with more than one partner. So at some point in the future, we’ll be taking a look at King David of biblical fame…Chart 103 is my creation, altho not my research, so I’m trusting that it’s accurate. He had sons by at least 3 wives…”C” is apparently not named in the scriptures…and “D” and “M” are 2 different Maacah’s.  A union between half-1st cousins should jump right out at you, along with other assorted interconnections of, dare I say it, biblical proportions.

chart 103

30.5  Elselwhereone website had a bit of information relevant to my family, but it needed clarification, so I left a note on the guy’s guestbook. While there, I noticed someone else had made this startling claim: I am your wife’s 8th great aunt’s husband’s first cousin’s husband’s 6th great nephew. You think I wasn’t going to map that sucker out? Shame on you. Chart 104 is the result, and needless to say, this relation is by marriage only, and extremely tenuous, altho authentic enough for what it is. I cleaned up his terminology, but otherwise I think this is correct.

chart 104

30.6  Finally…You Might Be a Baby Boomer If…you remember when comic strips made sense. I’m not saying they were all funny, but at least you understood what they were driving at. Today, not so much, for me anyway. Which is why I’m pleased as punch to recommend this one, Pickles…its about a retired couple, Earl and Opal Pickles…that’s her seated at the computer, with younger sister Pearl, who runs an emu ranch. See yez next week with…whatever…


30.7   Just so you know, a “cankle” is when you can’t tell where your calf ends and your ankle begins…bummer.


wicked ballsy


Interesting article a while back in the Wall Street Journal on genealogy, picking up on the fact that Baby Boomers are picking up on it. The illustration was cut off at the bottom, but if you clicked on it, you could see it all. And might I humbly submit that somebody who “can’t remember” how they’re related to Charles Manson is not a serious genealogist…nor even a spirited hobbyist…altho quite possibly the paper’s worst writer…I’m just sayin’…

On another matter, dig this bad boy…


Your great grandpa a million times over? Perhaps, but can he play the harmonica?


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