#23: Yet Still More Answers

23.1  Today we’ll answer more questions posed on this website: #####, where they resolutely refuse to let us link to here, or even mention this blog…hopefully, some of the posters will eventually check back and be ingenious enough to find us.

2chart 84

   23.2  You’re welcome. Next question…

7chart 85

 23.3  Here we must make 2 assumptions: first, that your husband is your son’s father, a dangerous assumption in this day and age, but that’s just me…and second, that when you say “mother’s cousin” you mean her 1st cousin. Given those, the person in question is your husband’s 2nd cousin, so she would be your son’s 2nd cousin once removed.  As to what he should call her, the ultra-modern way is by her first name…in some families even the children call their parents by their first names.  The more traditional way would be by age…if they are close in age, “Cousin”…if it’s more a parent/child age difference, then “Aunt” or “Aunty” is fine.


 23.4   This is one of the few questions that got an answer, and of course both the poser of <11> and the answer from amypollick are wrong…altho if you’re a stickler, she’s technically right when she says “that’s how it works, as I understand it“…it’s just that she understands it wrong, right?

chart 86

  23.5  I’ve given you-all names in Chart 86, and as Connie is your 1st cousin, her late son Carl is your 1st cousin once removed, and 2nd cousin to your kids Abe and Ann. And to give the devil her due, altho amypollick’s answer is mixed up in an ingenious way I’ve never seen before, she at least suggests that the relationship between you and Carl (in that direction) should be called something different than between Carl and you. (in the opposite direction)..and here’s where the Spanish system of 2nd aunt/2nd nephew is useful, far better than 1st cousin once removed ascending/1st cousin once removed descending.

25chart 87

23.6  It’s the familiar 2-step process…shorter list minus 2 = degree of cousins…remainder of the longer list = the removeds…here, 3rd cousin 5 times removed.

23.7  Of course, we’ve been a little sloppy, assuming that this Common Ancestor you refer to is the Closest  Common Ancestor…otherwise this “other person” could very well be your 3G grandfather, whose 2G grandfather is indeed your 7G grandfather, as you can verify on Chart 87.


chart 88

23.8  You would be right on the money if you inserted “half” in front of everything you said: it’s your Dad’s half-sister, so she’s your half-aunt, and her son is your half-1st cousin. Thus you’re right to say the son isn’t your 1st cousin due to the different grandfathers… instead, half-1st cousin is correct, altho informally of course “cousin” works just fine.

23.9  BTW, last week I also promised you something on Donald Duck’s family, didn’t I? So here we go… 

wicked ballsy

1Phooie, Phooey, Fooie, or Fooey is the name given by Disney fans, actually coined by a comic book editor, for the mysterious 4th nephew who has popped up a couple dozen times over the years…always in print, and never, as far as I know, in an animated cartoon. Of course, it’s simply an oversight that nobody caught. The reason the above sightings are in foreign languages is that they have embraced this phantom canardling with much more gusto than have we here in the USA…in fact, in Denmark, they had a contest to name him, and the winner was Fup, to go along with their names of the other 3, Rip, Rap, and Rup. In Finland, he’s Rupu, along with Hupu, Tupu, and Lupu.

I was going to note that he is always seen either capless, or with a Junior Woodchucks pelt…otherwise, what color would his cap be? But of course, in the upper right, he does wear a cap…I’ve blown it up, and it’s brown of all things, along with the usual red, green, and blue…altho sometimes one is yellow.  And doesn’t this make you think it was more than simply an oversight, if they picked a different color for this 4th cap?


There is even an example of his being addressed by name…altho obviously here “phooie” is meant in the sense of “nerts” or “cripes.” Still, it could be argued that since the other 3 nephews are nowhere to be found, and they are usually seen as a group, maybe this really is the 4th nephew…anyway, anybody ever seen a 5th?



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