#21: More Answers…

 21.1 Today we’ll continue answering relationship questions posed at this website: *%$ .  I’m guessing most of those asking the questions checked back a few times, noticed no answer, then forgot about it. And since the monitors of this not-so-wiseGEEK page don’t allow links or even references to other sites, those still checking back aren’t able to see their answer, unless they do some netvestigating…and I hope some do…

geek 6

21.2  …especially Jedi Master Jordan, who is a lot more diplomatic than me. See, he praises the author of this Cousins article before pointing out 2 errors. I would instead bluntly note that given how badly written and poorly explained it is, mistakes like that are to be expected. But that’s just grouchy old me for you. Good news is, JMJ gets the 2 corrections exactly right (are there any more?)

chart 72

 21.3 (1) is illustrated by Chart 72. After a while, you can do stuff like this in your head,  but it’s nice to verify it by diagram. Of the 2 relationships, G GP and 3G GP, the shorter list determines the degree of cousins…that would be great grandparent = 2nd cousins. The longer list goes down 2 more, so that’s 2nd cousins twice removed.

chart 73

21.4  Chart 73 shows (2)…again, shorter list between 3G GP and 4G GP determines the cousinship…that’s 3G grandfather = 4th cousins. The longer list is down one more, making it 4th cousins once removed. Done and done, and good work JMJ.

geek 4 10

21.5  Well, cjh, I’d say that makes you 2 of the luckiest sons-of— OK seriously, examine Chart 74 and verify that you are indeed 2nd cousins. This is one of the few postings that got a reply, and the basic answer is of course correct. However, “in several countries it is legal” is misleading, since marriage between 2nd cousins is legal in virtually ALL countries, including every state in the US…altho some religions do ban it…check with yours to see what’s kosher, you should pardon the expression.

chart 74

21.6  This would however be a good time to remind you that all answers given here are true all things being equal, which is to say, assuming the relationships mentioned are the only ones that exist between the relevant parties. For example, there is one case where 2nd cousins are expressly forbidden to marry, and that is if they are also siblings, the result of a marriage between 1st cousins….didja see that one coming?

21.7  At least in Western culture, comprehension of kinship is quite meager these days, and the case of direct ancestors who are 1st cousins is obscure enough to be a real stumper for many people. I hope it’s a little less mysterious for those who follow this blogbut listen, I said everybody gets an answer and at least one chart, and I meant it, so here yez go…

chart 75 76

21.8   And finally for this week…

21.9   Yes and Yes. Sass is the best…if you don’t believe my answers, take your questions to Sass…altho again, here’s a good place for me to repeat an important caveat. While 2nd cousins do indeed share a great grandparent, this is an inadequate definition for 2nd cousinship, since 1st cousins and even siblings also share a great grandparent, nez pah? A better definition is this: 2nd Cousins are the children of 1st Cousins…and in general, the children of Xth cousins are (X+1)th cousins…with siblings counted as 0th (zero-th) cousins.

chart 77

21.10  And it goes without saying, but as the saying goes, I’ll say it anyway…since <17> mentioned just one grandparent, not a pair, technically we’d be talking about half-2nd ousins, but I assumed they meant Poppy and Nana, and let it go at that…

 wicked ballsy

chart 77 and half

…laff, darn ya…


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